Aragvadh Amaltash – Purging cassia-Cassia Fistula


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Aragvadh Amaltash has umpteen health benefits.

Well known as the “Golden Rain Tree” owing to its beautiful hanging yellow flowers.

Amaltas has high amount of bio-active ingredients and strong purgative, carminative, anti-pruritic and anti-inflammatory properties .

Parts of Aragvadh used for mediacl purposes are-The roots, Sttem bark, Leaves, Flower, Fruit & fruit pulp.

Amaltas is also known as “Aragvadha” in Sanskrit language and Amaltas botanical name is Cassia fistula, which factually  means to kill diseases.

Aragvadha is one of the most popular herbal plants known for its medicinal worth.

It has  very effective detoxifying properties for the body in both way externally as well as internally.

Amaltas ( Chaturangula) also known as Rajvraksha in Ayurveda has bright yellow flowers. It is considered as one of the most beautiful trees of India.

Amaltas is a very powerful Ayurvedic herb and it is widely used to boost immunity.

Benefits of Aragvadh Amaltash


  • Constipation ( main indication – Amaltas is a great herbal remedy for constipation associated with Pitta imbalance.(Pitta is a dosh as per Ayurvedic concept)The pulp of Amaltas, when taken regularly, helps to relieve constipation, indigestion, gas trouble, intestinal worms and helps in strengthening of the intestines. )
  • Skin disorders ( Main indication – Juice or paste of the Aragvad leaves is crucial for treating skin problems such as ringworm and inflammation in the hand or feet caused due to cold conditions. )
  • Intestinal disorders – By regular use of Amaltas pulp , intestinal disorders can also be cured.
  • Boosts immunity – as per Ayurveda , Amaltas is a powerful immunity booster herb.
  • Promotes cardiac functioning – reduces heartburn sensations
  • Treats wounds – Aragvad leaf paste promotes wound healing mechanism due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • Herbal oil prepared from Aragvad is used to manage skin problems like eczema etc.

Aragvadh Amaltash Contraindications

  • Avoid in pregnancy.
  • It has laxative action, so do not take in diarrhea.
  • In excess dose, it causes purgation.

How to use

  • Constipation, Piles

Amaltas fruit pulp powder with water is used to get relief from constipation due to its laxative property.

  • Skin Allergy

Paste or juice of Amaltas leaves is good to reduce itchiness and irritation in various skin problems due to its Madhur (sweet) and Ropan (healing ) properties.

As a result of these properties, Amaltas gives a soothing effect and reduces irritation in the skin when used on a regular basis.
a. Make a paste of Amaltas leaves.
b. Mix with coconut oil or goat’s milk.
c. Apply on the affected area once a day or thrice a week to get rid of skin allergy or irritation.

  • Amaltas churna + warm water after lunch and dinner might helps in managing blood sugar levellevel as it enhances insulin secretion due to its anti oxidant and anti inflammatory action.
  • Applying Amaltas leaf paste along with honey or cow’s milk helps to get relief from pain and inflammation.


Doses Aragvadh Amaltash

The effective therapeutic dosage of Amaltas may vary from person to person depending upon the age, body strength, effects on appetite, severity, and condition of the patient.

  • Constipation, Piles
  1. Take 1-2 teaspoon Amaltas fruit pulp Powder.
  2. Add it to 1 glass of warm water and have it after dinner to get relief from constipation.

Fruit Pulp: 5-10 gm

Flower Churna/powder: 5-10 gm


Raw, Powder


250 gm

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